With no where to go or no dream to be had;

I am floating around aimlessly, try to find my way.

Please, oh please, someone show me the light;

Give me some answers, Oh God, I pray.

I can’t do this alone, I am afraid;

To put my best foot forward and fail.

I have nothing to guide me, to light to see;

I am stumbling and falling reaching for the rail.

God, oh God, which way should I go?

To find my place in this life;

It used to be so simple when I was younger;

But my younger self I need to revive.

Who had all the dreams that she wanted to do;

Who knew it all and had all the answers;

Such ignorance and a dreamer, too.

But now reality kicks and I am lost;

Within a whirlpool threatening to pull me in.

But I must not give in to this stagnant life;

I must keep on going towards the goal.

I might only see the pain and the strife;

But I can push through it all and come through on the other side.

Facing my dreams and wishes too;

I can reach out to the finish line.

So all is not lost;

All is going to be just fine.






4 responses to “Lost”

  1. Carol anne Avatar

    Such a beautiful poem, really like this 🦋💛💛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kdoheney78 Avatar

    Thanks, Carol Anne!


  3. kaleyandjesus Avatar

    Ecvellent poem!! You did a great job of expressing yourself! I can feel your emotions!


  4. kdoheney78 Avatar

    Thank you, Melina. Those thoughts and emotions just came to me.


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