Found my calling…

I think I have finally found my calling in life. I am reading a book called forward and it’s about living for the future and setting your goals on just one thing. I have been praying about what God’s will for my life is and what he wants me to do. I think I want to be an inspirational writer. I know that our mission in life is to bring people the good news about Jesus and I have never been good at witnessing to people with my voice, but I am a fairly good writer and can share my life experiences that led me to Jesus with people in writing. My relationship with God has grown so much in the last year or so. Thanks to my mom who has been an inspiration in my life, I have grown in my knowledge and experience of Jesus. I know God speaks to me from his word and through other people..and also the praise music I listen to. I am a college student majoring in English and I want to learn how to become a better writer. I think writing blogs is a good way to start. I may not be the author of a book someday, but I can start reaching out to people right here, right now. I have finally found my voice for Jesus in writing. Anyway, I am going to do like this book I am reading says and focus on one thing…..writing.





3 responses to “Found my calling…”

  1. kaleyandjesus Avatar

    So happy for you to have found your calling!! So excited for you! I think you will be a great inspirational writer!


  2. kdoheney78 Avatar

    Thank you Melina!


  3. Carol anne Avatar

    good for you! ❤


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