Hearing God’s voice…

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.” Psalm 32:8

If you are much like me, you might have a hard time hearing the voice of God. Sometimes it feels like I am just talking to myself when I pray, is that how you feel? You are not alone. But I have learned that just because I can’t hear his voice, literally, doesn’t mean he is not speaking to me. He talks to me through his word. He talks to me through other people. He talks to me with my own writing. He talks to me through my thoughts. But my thoughts can be deceiving. It’s not always God who is talking to me. A lot of the time, it is the enemy trying to get a footstool into my thoughts and emotions. In order to know if it is God who is talking to me, I have to check if it backs up scripturally. God will never contradict himself and the true heart of God is in his word. So if your thoughts are contradicting the word of God, it is a lie from the enemy. That’s why I have learned just recently that I have to stay plugged into his word. My mom is someone who really knows the word of God and is so close to him spiritually and she says that the enemy cannot hear our thoughts, but he can plant thoughts into our my mind by whispering lies into our ears. I have this problem. Believing his lies. Lies that I am not good enough. Lies that I can’t accomplish anything. Lies reminding me of my past. Lies about my future. But I need to listen to the voice of God, and his voice alone. The only way I can do that, is to stay close to his word. I have started memorizing scripture through this bible memorization app and I use it to write these little devotionals. I write about the scripture that I just memorized. That gets his word even deeper into my mind because I am processing and thinking about that one scripture. A couple of months ago I finished reading the whole New Testament in 40 days, but you know what? I didn’t retain any of it that way. So I am just going one scripture at a time and meditating on that scripture. I can hear the voice of God speaking to me through my own writing, through other people, and through his word. I still pray, don’t get me wrong. But he might not answer that prayer until later. Not until I read his word, or talk to another person, or listen to a sermon. I am learning to have a patient heart…well…trying to learn lol. Like I said in a previous blog, patience is not one of my strong points. I want God to answer and I want him to answer NOW! But it just doesn’t work that way. We have to wait and listen.

Father God, please help me to have patience and to listen to your voice and your voice alone. Please help me to see when the enemy is lying to me and check it with your word. I want only to hear your voice and your voice alone. In Jesus precious name, Amen!





7 responses to “Hearing God’s voice…”

  1. kaleyandjesus Avatar

    This is so great! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! Another excellent writing!


  2. Susan Avatar

    Thank you, Kelly for laying it out so plainly. This is such a good encouragement for a situation we all find ourselves in too often. I can really relate to everything you’ve experienced. Thank God that He doesn’t let us go and is always there even when we can’t hear Him. He holds onto me even when it feels like I can’t hold on anymore.


    1. kdoheney78 Avatar

      Thanks Susan! That’s very true!


  3. joshuacushman89 Avatar

    What you’re doing is very cool and genuine, keep it up.
    Dallas Willard once said “It is better in one year to have ten good verses transferred into the substance of our lives than to have every word of the Bible flash before our eyes… We read to open ourselves to the Spirit.” from his book Hearing God.
    By the way, what memory verse app do you use?


    1. kdoheney78 Avatar

      Sorry, I have not been writing in a while. Satan kind of took me off my path of being a writer. I don’t even remember the Bible verse app I was using, but I am going to get back on track and let you know.


      1. TREASURES Avatar

        Kelly was th


      2. kdoheney78 Avatar

        Your message got cut off….


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