Isaiah 40:31

“For they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint” Isaiah 40:31

When I again woke up for the third time at 4:31am I had the thought that God was waking me up for a reason at that specific time. After asking God to show me why he was waking me up at that time, I had the verse Isaiah 40:31 come to mind. I didn’t know what that verse was so I looked it up. Well, I initially googled Isaiah 4:31 but google automatically lead me to Isaiah 40:31. And there it was. I don’t believe that this verse was for me exactly. I have not grown weary or lost my strength. But I believe that someone out there has lost all of their strength and hope. I want to speak to that person. Whether I know you or not. I want to pray for you. Please hear these words and hear my heart and hear the heart of God. These words are for you. Father God, I bring this one child to the throne of your presence. They have lost their way and their strength and their hope. But you say that you will never leave us or forsake us. You say that it is not in our strength, but in the strength of the Holy Spirit. In the strength of Jesus Christ and in the strength of you, father God. You will never abandon us to our own strength. The world says that we have the strength for anything as long as we believe in ourselves. Well that’s where they are wrong. We are not to believe solely in ourselves, but in you we have strength. In you we have hope. It is not by our own strength. I pray that this one child will turn and run to you for strength and hope. I pray that they will seek your face. If they feel like giving up, I pray that they might give in to you. I lift this one child up and give them over to the care of you. I don’t know who they are, but you do. You know who this prayer is for. I pray that this one child might reach out to me so that I can support them. I pray all these things in Jesus precious name, Amen!

If you do not know Jesus as your personal savior, I encourage you to look up the verse in John 3:16. It says “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever shall believe in him, shall not perish but have eternal life” God gave his only son to pay for all of our sins. We were lost and destined for hell but God loved us so much to sacrifice his only son to pay the price for our sins. It was because of Adam and Eve’s first sin that we were all born into a sinful nature. We could never be perfect again, without Jesus’s blood covering us. I know you might be rolling your eyes and thinking that this message is not for you. This message is something you have always heard but never taken it to heart. I pray that you open up your heart and listen to what God is telling you. This is not my own words. I am just a vessel. God is speaking to you. I pray that you will listen.






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