Amazing God!

I am taking Astronomy this semester along with Nutrition. I know, I know, two science classes LOL! So far, I don’t know anything about my nutrition class because there was nothing to do this week but to introduce ourselves to the class (school just started August 15th). But anyway, my astronomy class, on the other hand, dug right into it and we even had a test, which my teacher tries to avoid the T word, so she calls it an appraisal. I got an 88 on the “appraisal”, so I am happy, it’s not quite an A but I can live with that (sorta LOL). I have the option to take the appraisal again, so I am going to do that. Anyway, getting to my point of this blog. God is so magnificent I can’t even fathom. Our stars are like billions or trillion miles away, so imagine how big they must be if we can see them? I know I learned the exact distance from our sun (a star) but I cannot remember that. It was like something like 300,000 miles away. Or maybe that was the moon LOL. I don’t know, but the point is these stars and the other planets are super, super far away, yet we can see them! I can’t even fathom how big they must be. And we just live in one galaxy. There are many many more galaxies in the universe, possibly with their own planets. (I haven’t learned about that yet). To think that there could be another earth, or many more earths. I am just joking, but you never know! Our God is so big that my little human mind can’t even comprehend. Now, scientists believe that this all happened with the Big Bang and I don’t know much about that. But I said that it was a Big Bang, because God said it, and bang it happened! Lots of people would argue this with me and I don’t know enough about evolution to debate this with them. But that’s where my faith in the Bible come in. The writers of the Bible were inspired by God to write what they wrote, so by faith I believe it. Now I realize that the Bible was written by men and if men today were to write a book of the Bible and say that it was inspired by God, we would question it. the Bible was written in different times. Like women are supposed to keep their heads covered. Most of the christians I know don’t cover their heads and I don’t think they are doing anything wrong. So some of the things that the Bible says, I don’t take as absolute. Like the issue about homosexuality. I won’t even go into that because it is a very controversial topic and my thoughts might not be accurate. But things like that. But overall I know the Bible was inspired so I trust most things. Back to my point, the Bible talks about creation, and some of what I am going to learn is very controversial when talking about evolution and creation. But when I look at the night sky now, I have a very new view of it. I don’t know how people cannot believe in a God when they study all about his creation, after all, I firmly believe it is his creation. I just can’t fathom how magnificent our God is. Anyway, I kind of got off topic for some of this, but I think you get the gist what I am saying. Thanks for reading!



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2 responses to “Amazing God!”

  1. kaleyandjesus Avatar

    This was great to read! God is so amazing, we cannot even comprehend just how amazing He is! Thanks for sharing another wonderful writing!

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    1. kdoheney78 Avatar

      Thank you Melina!


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