Ideas anyone?

This is for my creative writing class, obviously it’s in my creative writing folder called Writer’s Notebook. We are encouraged to write in this everyday. So Ideas for short stories, eh? Maybe…a twist of the Wizard of Oz?  Or maybe some adventures that Sora from Kingdom Hearts goes on? Not in the game, but in my imagination! Mixed with the horror movie It? That would be an interesting twist for sure! Hmm…other ideas…Oh maybe a twist in the movie Poltergeist. Can you tell I like scary movies lol?  Or maybe a fictional Christian thriller. Hmm…what would happen? A kidnapped person that ends up saving the kidnappers life.I like that one. The main character would be told from the kidnappers point of view. Seeing how many stories are told from the victims point of view, this could be an interesting twist. What does everyone think about that? And by saving, I mean his salvation. It would be a he right? Most kidnappers are male. Or could I write a short story where the kidnapper is a she….that’s a thought. I want it to be original lol. Character’s name? I don’t know yet.



Or just the Snatcher?

Some ideas please?

Or like my kingdom hearts game, the Heartless lol

Do you think that would make a good short story? It would make a good novel, that’s for sure! Anyhow, please share your ideas…this is for an assignment in Creative Writing. Any ideas would be great!





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