Me, me, me

This generation is all about me, me, me. I hate it. Everyone is so focused on their lives that they don’t see anything else or anyone else. That’s why online communities have died. People don’t care about one another anymore. That is why Facebook is so popular these days. People don’t have to support other people, they can just focus on themselves. And it seems like the most selfish people get all the attention. I am not saying it is not good to be focused on yourself and focused on improving yourself. That is very important. But don’t be so focused on yourself that you forget about others. Especially, christians. God commands us to love one another just as much as you love yourself. So God is in no way saying we shouldn’t love ourselves, but that as much as we love ourselves, give that same love to other people. People are lost in this world. I think that is largely because there is no love in the world. Let’s bring back a sense of community. Let’s bring back a sense of wholeness. Let’s bring back love.



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4 responses to “Me, me, me”

  1. kaleyandjesus Avatar

    So true! You stated it so well!


    1. Silverfish Avatar

      Couldn’t agree more.


      1. kdoheney78 Avatar

        Thanks silverfish


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