Why does friendship have to be so hard. You would think that love was enough. But that isn’t true. Sometimes friendship takes work, a lot of work. Sometimes you get your heart broken many, many times. But friendship shouldn’t have to be so hard. Friendship should be kindness, goodness and everything in between. Friends are people that should accept you for who you are, love you unconditionally and be there for you. Sometimes those things get lost somewhere. But we need to get back to the basics and remember what our friends mean to us. Remember what brought us together. Satan loves to ruin friendships because if we are alone, we are less likely to succeed and the enemy doesn’t want us to succeed. What better way to knock someone down, then to take away their friends. I got knocked down tonight, but I picked myself back up. And I will press on, regardless of what happens.



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2 responses to “Friendship”

  1. Carol anne Avatar

    Sorry you got knocked down but I’m glad you’re going to pick yourself back up again, that’s the spirit X


    1. kdoheney78 Avatar

      Well I am trying. Thanks!


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