The Unseen God

The Unseen God

Searching for God is simply really,

It’s as simple as the air you breathe.

He can be seen

In every dawn and every sunset.

He is

In the sunlight and wind that blows

Giving life to everything.

He is

The never ending presence that is

Within you and me. 

He is

There in sorrow and in joy

In anger and in peace. 

He carries us through

The dark and lonely valleys


Up the steep mountains

To safety

He is our anchor when

Our life floats away

He is

The beginning and the end

He is

Present during the infants first cry,

And the elderly struggling to take their last breath.

He will

Never leave us or forsake us

He will

Walk us through deep waters. 

When we lay our head

On our pillow

Until we wake up,

He will be there.

He is with us 

When we are close by his side,

And when we are miles away

We cannot escape

His love and presence.


Omnipresent. He is

The seen and unseen.



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One response to “The Unseen God”

  1. kaleyandjesus Avatar

    This is so beautiful!! I really enjoyed reading it! Thanks for sharing your gift with us!


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