I am back!

I am back! I haven’t been writing in what seems like forever. Satan really took me off track of what God has been calling me to do, and that is writing. Just because my employer has free education for certain degrees, doesn’t mean that’s what my purpose is. I thought that I was supposed to be a IT professional and when I got accepted into Southern New Hampshire University, I just went for it, forgetting about my old school and my old dream and my old major. I just went for it. Boy, was that a mistake! I hated it. Mind you, I think technology is amazing at what it has become over the years. But I was not happy learning about how technology worked. Kinda interesting, but they took it to a level that was way over my head. I felt like I had to do this. Like no matter how hard it was, that I had to do this for my future. I know IT professionals make a good amount of money and that would give me financial security. But I didn’t want to have to fix computers all day! That would not fulfill my dreams. I think I know that God has called me to writing. Like my mom said, a calling from God is not about money and she always reminds me that God is my provider. That I will be okay. Writing may not make a lot of money, but it’s what I love. I got an email saying that I got a full tuition waver for my old school and I believe that was God bringing me back to my dream. So, all this is to say, I am back!



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  1. TREASURES Avatar

    Welcome back!!


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