Just rambling…

Just a bit of rambling…I haven’t been writing for a while again…just been so busy with school and soon, with work and soon I will be busy with school as well. Life has been pretty good for me lately, well, for a while. I am sponsor in two boys through compassion international and I love it. I think of them as the children I can’t have. One is 12 years old now. His name is Alvan. He is from Indonesia. I have been sponsoring him for 3 years. The other boy is Jeremy and he is 5 years old. I just started sponsoring him last month. Hope I can sponsor them through their whole childhood. I can write to them as often as I want, and they write to me as well. I tell them I am praying for them and ask them how they are doing and what they have been doing. It’s an awesome experience.

Anyway, I have wanted to write some poems, but I haven’t had any recent inspiration. I need topics. I think I will google some ideas for poems. Does anyone have any suggestions?



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